About the Founder

Steven Satour is a Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara from central Australia. Steven is a driven indigenous entrepreneur and founder of Iwara Travel Australia. Steven brings over 10 years’ experience in marketing, event, and project management across various sectors including education, NFP, tourism, employment, and small business. He has an accomplished track record in working with indigenous artists and groups to achieve results that positively impact First Australians’ social and economic welfare. Steven believes that by celebrating and embracing indigenous cultures, we bring all Australians together. For this reason, he founded Iwara Travel to connect Aboriginal cultures with those eager to learn more. As well as running Iwara Tours, Steven co-chairs the City of Sydney Aboriginal Advisory Committee and is proud to be on the National NAIDOC Committee.

What does Iwara mean?

Iwara is a word used by the Anangu people from Uluru, in central Australia, to describe the tracks and journeys of our ancestors.

The Uluru–Kata Tjuta landscape was formed by the Tjukutja (Dreamtime) ancestral beings as they travelled across the country. The trees, mountains, and living creatures were all created by the Tjukutja, and some of their spirit remains behind at each place where they left their essence. The landscape is integral to the Tjukurpa— the body of law, history, knowledge, religion, and morality that binds people, landscape, plants, and animals. One of the most important aspects of the Tjukurpa (Dreamtime) is the way that our lands are interconnected spiritually and socially by the iwara, these ancestral tracks.