Tis the season to #buyIndigenous

As I finally begin to think about the holiday season, I start to evaluate the ways my spending can contribute to the local Indigenous economy.

There is a rise highlighted in travel trends, that travellers are searching for opportunities to commit to spending money within their own local economies.

“Living like a local” is increasingly popular, and cultural tourism is experiencing a renaissance among travellers seeking deep and personal connections with the people they meet on their journeys.

They want to explore local offerings to ensure meaningful and transformative tourism experiences – Iwara’s experiences are just that.

But what is an authentic Local Tourism experience?

In Australia, you cannot get more local than and Aboriginal tourism experience.

‘Local Tourism’ leaves your holiday money in the hands of those living in your touristic destination, supporting those other small business run near your hotel ,  family-owned businesses and social enterprises. The underlying theme is ensuring that your tourism dollar enters the money transfer cycle, and supports the community as a whole.

How to support local tourism?

Be conscious of your spending choices. Do your research and select a shop that guarantees a large percentage of the money from your souvenir purchases makes it directly into the hands of the person who painted, carved, sewed, wrote, recorded or crafted it.

There is no shortage of opportunities to spend your cash into the local Indigenous economy.
From the moment you step outside (or shop online), you have the chance to make spending choices that directly impact how much of your money heads towards multinational corporations, and how much stays within your city, region, and country, thus empowering local Indigenous entrepreneurs and boosting the local Indigenous economy.

As you enjoy you holiday season with friends, family at home or away, remember how YOU can support local Indigenous economies.

  • DO Take a tour using a local guide in each destination you visit.
  • DO Buy local, don’t buy counterfeit products.
  • DO Respect livelihoods of local vendors by paying a fair price.


DO have yourself a merry little Christmas

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