Top 5 Urban Aboriginal Experiences

Many aussie’s do not know that Aboriginal Australia was traditionally made up of a network  of separate, independent “Countries” distinguished by 250 language groups and over 700 dialects.

Sydney siders and vistors may also be surprised that the traditional owners of the Sydney was originally inhabited by 29 clan across the metropolitan area and this is now collectively referred to as the Eora Nation.

With our rich traditional culture many be curious to find out whether there Aboriginal Cultural is alive and well in Urban Environments or in our Australian capitals or cities?

Archaeologists say that Indigenous cultures have developed and altered a number of times as a result of changes in the environment such as rise in sea level and drying out of the continent.  It makes sense after all we are the oldest living culture in the world.

Aboriginal people are very adaptive and survived catastrophic changes to our cultures and ways of life brought about by Europeans since 1788.

Yes Aboriginal culture is alive well in city environments, beyond the impressive Sydney Cityline and prices tags. Our relationship is much deeper. The land owns Aboriginal people and every aspect of their lives is connected to it.

Get you urban Aboriginal Experience to really get to know your city!  My top 5 in Sydney include:


  1. Sydney City Dreaming

Aunty Margaret Campbell takes you on a 90-minute leisurely walkabout in The Rocks (Sydney’s CBD), and on a journey into the Dreamtime, the culture of Aboriginal People.

This leisurely walkabout around The Rocks uncovers the authentic history of the Aboriginal people’s saltwater heritage within Sydney Harbour, their land and water use and their spiritual connection to the adjoining waterways and foreshores.

Before walking country experience begins, you partake in ceremony. Accepting OCHRE on hand-that personally acknowledges Earth Mother before you hear talk about her landscape.

Aunty Margaret, introduces Dreamtime events – sun – moon creation stories, Aboriginal saltwater people and its connection to seasonal food sustainability. The tour focuses on white ochre colour – TARRA and young girls and young boys preparing for rules – connected to the Whale Visits and Aboriginal sites, such as, the mouth of the Parramatta River flowing into other areas such as the small islands of Cockatoo – Goat – Shark – Fort Denison.

As you overlooking the Sydney harbour itself you gain an unqiue interpretation of Eora Clans reaction to strange visitors landing in Wocconmagulli – now Bennelong Point/ Opera House /Circular Quay/The Rocks.


  1. Blue Mountains

Unique and powerful life changing journey in the Blue Mountains 1 hr from Sydney.

A full day experience you get a sense of the creative & spiritual way of traditional Aboriginal life.

Following a song line of sacred sites a secluded bushwalk (3.5 km medium grade) through a beautiful rainforest 6 hrs in nature (2 hr walk with 4 hrs of; learning, activities, photos & relaxing) you feel  a deep connection to country & culture.

See original; song line, rock art, ceremonial sites, artefacts & dreamtime stories Try; bush food tasting, bush medicines & creative ochre bark & body painting. See abundant wildlife & spectacular sandstone caves. Relax by a rock pool & waterfall. Local Aboriginal guide Evan Yanna Muru varies the route & rest stops so to stay cool in summer and warm in winter friendly with deep cultural wisdom.


  1. Bush to beach

Just fourteen kilometres (9miles) from Sydney’s city centre is La Parouse. On the northern headland of Botany Bay. Aboriginal people once called Guriwal, “Whale”.

Guriwal is a special place where the bush meets the sea, where you can experience a world that existed long before the white man came to these shores. A land of pristine beaches, magnificent waterways and virgin bush, a place the ‘salt water people’ of this land called home.

Aboriginal guide Timmy, takes you on foot through a bush trail consisting of timber walkways, sandy paths and rocky tracks taking in the interesting facts about the people and the land. Along the way Timmy will share the knowledge handed down through a hundred generations and you will enjoy an Indigenous themed light morning tea at the rocks of the Doolagahl (the great, hairy man).


  1. Sand Dunes adventures

Traversing the majestic and traditional landscape of the Worimi Sand Dunes / Port Stephens NSW Australia; recorded as the largest coastal moving sand mass in the Southern Hemisphere. Learn about culture, bush tucker, dig for fresh water and see one of the many Aboriginal Midden sites on the beach, all whilst riding a 400cc quad bike!

From beginners to the experienced with groups of up to 40 pax and offer the thrill of riding sand dunes that climb as high as 100ft.   So if it is adrenalin or just cruising; get the greatest adventure on one of Australia’s greatest kept secrets, the Worimi Sand Dunes!

Definitely an experience like no other! And only 2 hours out of Sydney


  1. Sydney Harbour Culture Cruise


Setting sail on a journey to discover the stories of the Eora, Cadigal, Guringai, Wangal, Gammeraigal and Wallumedegal people. The all Aboriginal crew  take you from pre-white settlement through our coastal lifestyle, uncovering traditional fishing methods and food gathering techniques.

As you go ashore on Goat Island in Sydney Harbour and immerse yourself in Aboriginal and early Colonial History on a guided walk conducted by National Park Rangers ending with an opportunity to be be a part of an authentic Aboriginal cultural performance and learn the Aboriginal names and meanings of significant Sydney landmarks.

No matter where you are in Australia there is an experience for you (and your budget).

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home. “